BROA Tool and Handbook

The BROA Tool is an Excel-based spreadsheet that provides the framework for recording your findings and developing your Action and Monitoring Plans. The BROA Handbook provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the BROA tool, as well as supporting information on the steps in a BROA assessment.

In addition, a short ‘Getting Started’ document outlines key steps to take to get BROA off the ground; and a Flyer gives a high-level outline of BROA which may help gain buy-in within your organisation.

Who is it for?

BROA was designed for use by companies with agricultural supply chains, and specifically for managers who have responsibility for ensuring the sustainability of agricultural production and supply. It is most appropriate for companies that know where their agricultural products come from and who share an interest in the viability of agriculture with communities in those landscapes. It is equally appropriate for use by organisations promoting agricultural development with rural communities.

How long does it take?

The time taken depends on the scale of your operations, the complexity of issues in the landscape and the amount of information you already have. Some organisations use BROA as a quick diagnostic tool to check that they are already adequately addressing biodiversity and ecosystem issues, while others use it to conduct an in-depth assessment. See pages 7 to 9 of the Handbook for a suggested timeline.

How much does it cost?

The BROA Tool is free to download and to use. The cost of implementing BROA will depend on the scale of your operations and the depth of the assessment. BROA does provide clear guidance on what’s involved and how long it can take.

Costs will vary from country to country and will depend on the size and scale of your operations and supply chains. In general the main costs incurred will be staff time to carry out the process and the cost of a conservation partner.