What is the benefit of conducting a BROA?

Companies with agricultural supply chains are dependent on biodiversity and ecosystem services, such as water, timber, pollinations services, and rainfall and climate regulation. Yet their environmental footprint may threaten what they and their stakeholders depend on. BROA can offer companies an effective way to assess a company’s impacts and its business dependencies on such services. The main outcome of BROA is a clear set of Action and Monitoring Plans for both risks and opportunities. Other benefits include:

  • Experience built within the organisation in identifying and evaluating biodiversity and ecosystem services risks and opportunities
  • Establishing collaborations with other stakeholders such as networks of NGOs, academics and community groups active on the issues in your area of operations
  • Insight into new opportunities around biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Improved performance on an emerging issue within the private sector and actions taken to address it
  • Prioritisation of action for an international company at a global level once conducted across a sample of the supply chain