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Local Biodiversity Action Plans

Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) have been developed for a large part of the UK. Northern Ireland has its own biodiversity strategy that reflects priorities for the wildlife and habitats considered rare and vulnerable there. They are the mechanism through which the UK BAP is being translated into action on the ground.

Around 160 Local Action Plans are in preparation or being implemented across Great Britain. Their primary purpose is to focus resources, by means of local partnerships, to implement conservation action for the priority habitats, species and locally important wildlife and sites. The content of the LBAPs are informed and guided by national targets so that their implementation is firmly linked to national priorities. However, the plans seek to reflect the values of local people and provide a focus for local initiatives.

It is important that any biodiversity initiatives in your Company BAP- and site BAPs in particular - fit within the framework of your local BAP. This will ensure that resources are not duplicated and will maximise the value of your Company's contribution to achieving the UK's targets on biodiversity. By collaborating with your local LBAP partnership you may be able to harness the ecological expertise of local conservation volunteers and co-operate on publicity and stakeholder initiatives of mutual benefit.

Information on the co-ordinating officer and local partners for your area can be found by clicking on the map in the UK Biodiversity site by region and linking through to the details for your area. To access the LBAP map, click here.

Photo Credit: Peter Wakely/ English Nature

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