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Towards UK Biodiversity Targets

Your company can contribute to UK Biodiversity targets:

• As a landowner: by managing habitats and species to enhance and conserve biodiversity value through a site Biodiversity Action Plan or planting species of conservation value.
• As a purchaser of raw materials or manufactured products: by managing your supply chain to minimise upstream impacts on biodiversity
• As a lender or insurer: by setting minimum standards of environmental responsibility for your customers
• As an operator: by minimising the environmental impacts associated with any emissions to air, land or water, and the production of waste. View other initiatives page.
• As a user of energy: by implementing energy efficiency measures which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the rate of depletion of natural resources
• As an employer: by raising staff awareness of biodiversity issues; by encouraging staff to get involved in biodiversity initiatives via local conservation organisations; by seconding staff to biodiversity projects within local authorities or conservation organisations; by holding team-building days which contribute to practical conservation plans
• As a Corporate funder: by providing finance for the conservation of one of the species or habitats listed in UK's Biodiversity Action Plan under the UK Government championing scheme, or becoming a Corporate Member of a conservation organisation, often at very low cost. View Supporting other initiatives page.

Each of the Government's Species and Habitat Action Plans has a "Lead Partner" responsible for co-ordinating its implementation. There are over 50 Lead Partners, most of which are conservation charities or government agencies. By working with these organisations your Company can make a real contribution to safeguarding biodiversity. You may wish to become a Corporate member of one of these organisations - starting from around £50 - or sponsor a species which requires greater financial input and a commitment typically of around three years. Other possible initiatives include volunteering, staff secondments to these organisations or attending the employee team building days that some of them run. For more information on biodiversity championing see Supporting External Initiatives. For details of the initiatives with lead partners see Local Biodiversity Action Plans and for contact details of a wide range of organisations see the Organisations page.


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